Due Diligence

In a world of uncertainty, proper due diligence before any major business decision is a must.

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Executive Protection

Effective risk manangement solutions for your public appearance, event, travel, estate or hotel stays.

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~ GIG ~

Worldwide Intelligence You Can Count On

Due Diligence, Executive Protection, Investigations

Global Investigations Group (G.I.G.) offers discreet, high level investigations, surveillance and protection services both domestically and internationally to corporations, legal professionals, governments, investors and the financial sector.

With corporate offices in New York and satellite offices strategically situated throughout the United States and around the world including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, G.I.G. is globally positioned to provide you with current, accurate and relevant information and insight into global changes and conditions that affect your particular interest.

Having successfully served a variety of domestic and international clients over the past twenty-years where millions of dollars were at stake, G.I.G. has built a reputation for delivering results even given seemingly impossible situations. When you put your trust in G.I.G. you know you are going to get what you need. It may not always be the answer you would prefer but it will definitely be the one you are glad you discovered.

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