Counter Terrorism

Global Investigations Group (G.I.G.) offers expert counter terrorism services for those of you who engage in a type of business that may put you at risk from terrorist activities and threats made by political, religious, and criminal entities or individuals. Unfortunately, the threat of terrorism today exists as much on domestic soil as in foreign lands. G.I.G. provides counter terrorism services within the United States and internationally. With strategically placed satellite offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, G.I.G. is well-positioned to offer you the preventative and protective security services you need.

G.I.G. counter terrorism services are designed to uncover possible threats against you, develop strategies to reduce your risks, and put into effect a plan to protect your assets. Employing state-of-the-art equipment and strategies, our experienced, highly trained personnel will develop and execute measures to keep you and your assets safe.

Protecting Yourself from Terrorism & Sabotage

There is no textbook solution to these very real threats. The steps you take and the extremes you go to are dependent upon your location in the world and your level of exposure.

Different locations offer different challenges. If you are in Britain, for example, locally referred associates who have been pre-screened are generally trustworthy. In the Congo, on the other hand, the situation is very different and offers much higher risk. Accepting a dinner invitation to the wrong person's house can mean your swift disappearance, potentially forever. Knowing and understanding opposing forces is critical. You must know all the players if you are to survive in this unpredictable and violent environment. It is best to trust no one and to remain low-profile.

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