Due Diligence

Due Diligence - International & Domestic Investigations

Global Investigations Group (G.I.G.) conducts extensive due diligence investigations, international and domestic, for clients who require detailed and comprehensive background information about prospective partners, mergers and acquisitions, new business relationships, joint ventures, large loan transactions and venture capital investments. Without the proper due diligence a firm becomes extremely vulnerable and open to potential liability and loss. Through G.I.G.'s due diligence investigations clients are able to make sound choices without worry or concern about the other players involved.

Before you invest millions or even billions of dollars in a foreign or domestic business or individual, you need accurate, thorough and reliable information that provides you with the insight you need concerning your potential risks. Lenders, venture capital firms and prospective partners require a confidence that the persons and/or organizations requesting financing have a clear background.

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Global Investigation Group's international network of investigators and representatives is able to gather the detailed, in-depth information about business history, resources, credentials and reputation on both local and international levels. We will uncover everything you need to know to make an informed decision moving forward and to protect yourself from sizeable losses and serious liabilities. We provide banks, financial institutions, venture capital firms and potential venture partners the ability to make their decision based on a solid foundation.

G.I.G.'s due diligence process provides you:

  • On-site inspection
  • Documentation review
  • Current appraisal review
  • Transaction review (structure)
  • Business and personal histories
  • Business and personal reputation
  • Outstanding judgments and liens
  • Financial and operating history
  • Review of plans
  • Review of all contracts and permits
  • Personal Financial review
  • Corporate Financial review
  • Asset identification
  • Contact with regulatory agencies
  • Corporate and credit analysis
  • Contact with local law enforcement
  • Civil and criminal litigation support
  • National and international resources

Global Investigations Group (G.I.G.) has the experience you want to get you the vital information you require. Our international success has saved companies millions of dollars avoiding bad investments and big-business thieves. You can read here how we saved a major oil company interested in drilling and refining available oil reserves in the Congo multiple millions of dollars.

To accommodate your specific needs, including transaction and funding criteria, each investigation is customized according to the situations and facts surrounding your given project file. The requirements of the investigation and the information obtained are also affected by the geographical location of the project and/or your particular investigation requests.

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