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Global Investigations Group:
International and Domestic Due Diligence & Investigations Since 1988

Originally known as CFI, Inc., the company was founded in 1988 by Ronald J. Lawson and two partners. Assuming the role of Managing Director, Lawson headed up the investigative division for domestic and international due diligence and investigations.

In 1992, CFI acquired Worldco Inc., a New Jersey-based investigative firm, and re-incorporated as CFI\Worldco, Inc. Due to increased operations CFI\Worldco, Inc. moved its headquarters to Babylon, NY just outside of New York City, employing more than 50 representatives and 10 independent agents.

Business was booming and in 1996 CFI\Worldco, Inc. successfully acquired another local business to increase services pertaining to domestic residential mortgages. In 1999, Mr. Lawson bought 50% of the company's assets and re-incorporated under CFI/Worldco, Inc. His ex-partners took the other 50% of the assets and re-incorporated under a different name handling only the residential mortgages. Mr. Lawson moved headquarters to posh Garden City, New York, one of the wealthiest towns in the United States, located just 20 minutes east of New York City. Putting his vast experience to work immediately, Mr. Lawson placed satellite offices strategically in several states and countries around the world to provide his clients a more balanced awareness of global changes and conditions. In 2000, Mr. Lawson took the investigative division of CFI/Worldco Inc., named it G.I.G. International Inc. (Global Investigations Group), and spun it off into its own corporation for international business.

Offering corporations, legal professionals, governments, investors and the financial sector discreet, high level investigations, surveillance and protection services, G.I.G.'s operations include satellite offices throughout the United States and worldwide, with headquarters in New York - both Garden City and Manhattan. G.I.G. operates in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, providing you with a staff of experienced, highly trained and skilled investigators and examiners around the world, exclusively employing state of the art technology and the most sophisticated research tools and techniques available. Our consulting services will help you to discover the most effective approach to get what you need.

About Ronald J. Lawson, Founder & CEO: During the height of the Vietnam War, Mr. Lawson was a member of several Special Intelligence teams with the US-Navy, overlooking various special intelligence missions with the Naval Security Group. His training with the US Navy includes accreditation in Cryptographic research and operations, encoding and decoding, Communications technical support and race relations. Additionally, he selected to receive training in International Finance and Securities. After his years of service with the US Navy, Mr. Lawson entered private practice as a specialist in investigations and private security. Mr. Lawson is a licensed, bonded private investigator in the State of New York.

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