Castello Torre Ratti

The gentleman who owned Castello Torre Ratti at the time was a famous antiquities dealer by the name of Senore Peroti who had owned the castle for many years. The property was held on a 50 year lease by an Italian American gentleman from New York who was interested in turning it into a 5 star hotel spa with an 18 whole PGA course and a 5 star restaurant, (at the time the restaurant was not 5 Star however open and operating 3 to 4 nights per week). GIG was contracted by a potentially interested financial partner to investigate the value and feasibility of the project. This included meeting with Sotheby's on several occasions at the property site to determine the value and validity of the art within the castle and the real estate value. The castle was built in 1088 by Duke Ratti who was elevated to Dukedom by Pope Rate who was the Pope who separated church from state. He was also known as the Duke of blood. The history and facts surrounding the castle in addition to the romance and mystique added to the opportunity and potential of the property. It was most important at all times during this investigation that the integrity and historical preservation of this property site would never be compromised.

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